Road transportation of perishable cargo by refrigerators

Road transportation of perishable cargo by refrigerators


Perishable cargoes mean the products that require special storage conditions and tight delivery times, the transportation of which must be carried out in compliance with the temperature regime, individual for each type of specific cargo. Preservation after transportation of their original consumer properties is of fundamental importance for such cargoes.

The basic principle of refrigerator vehicle operation is that refrigeration unit reduces the temperature to a certain point and maintains a previously established mode during the whole transportation. Whatever the temperature of the air outside is, conditions under which the cargo is carried remain constant.

TEE Podilliatrans provides customers with a full range of services – loading, unloading, unobstructed passage of customs, preparation of accompanying documentation, customs clearance of cargo, control on the way, insurance of risks, international cargo transportation by refrigerators, and also transportation on the territory of Ukraine. Partnership with TEE Podilliatrans means reliability, speed of operation, individual selection of an appropriate vehicle and route, affordable cost and quality control of transportation.

Our duty to the customer is to provide quality logistics and be responsible to our customers and consumers. Ten years of experience of TEE Podilliatrans company allow us to be a reliable partner for transportation of your cargoes that require special temperature conditions.


  • delivery of cargoes by refrigerators within Ukraine, Europe, the Middle East;
  • support of specified temperature regime throughout the entire route;
  • supply of specialized transport that meets sanitary requirements and standards;
  • loading and unloading, according to the norms of sanitary regulations;
  • communication with the customer throughout the route to control the movement of the cargo;
  • providing assistance in preparation of all the documents required for transportation and passing of customs;
  • development of the most economical and optimal route for transportation of the customer’s cargo;
  • cargo insurance and its delivery to the point of destination within the time specified in the contract.


TEE Podilliatrans has a fleet of certified vehicles for easy transportation of perishable goods by refrigerators. This is important when choosing a logistics company, since basically the products and medicines are transported for their further use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, therefore, non-compliance with the sanitary norms and rules is unacceptable. Transportation by refrigerators complies with ATP standards, according to the Geneva Agreement of September 1, 1970. The ATP certificate of the vehicle is mandatory for Ukraine and the European Union for the transportation of perishable goods.

In our fleet there are trucks of different tonnage (from 1 to 21 tons) with a temperature regime from -20 C to +20 C, different in types: isothermal trailers; refrigerators; ice-cooled vehicles, heated vehicles. We also use refrigerators of all categories:

  • of the first category (for transportation of refrigerated goods that do not require temperatures below + 1C);
  • of the second category (for transportation of frozen products, the temperature in the refrigerator can be lowered to -20C);
  • combined (transportation of both refrigerated and frozen products is possible, temperature fluctuations from + 10C to -20C);
  • multi-temperature mode (refrigerator is divided into compartments, in each of the compartments a different temperature mode can be set).


With our company you will always get a perfectly clean trailer-refrigerator. After each travel every trailer undergoes cleaning and sanitary processing in order to comply with all Ukrainian and international requirements. Highly professional drivers carry out their work responsibly and are careful with the material values and goods entrusted to them.


Speed of transportation to the point of destination is of great importance for perishable goods requiring delicate temperature conditions. Our customer can always track the location of his cargo on the route, monitor compliance with the time of delivery and temperature on the road.

Transportation of perishable cargo is a rather complex and responsible process. Knowledge of the transportation rules and their precise observance ensure not only quality of cargoes but also the very possibility of their delivery to the destination point. In most cases full compliance with transportation conditions is available only to the specialized organizations that possess required transport, specialized equipment and extensive experience. TEE Podilliatrans is one of such companies!