Transportation of liquid and bulk cargo

The main method of transportation of liquid and bulk cargo is transportation by tanks.


Transportation of bulk cargo is a rather laborious process, which is accompanied by a large number of ins and outs. To make this process successful, a lot of energy should be invested in formation of a modern fleet of vehicles and a staff of specialists experienced in this field. TEE Podilliatrans has these qualities, so please contact us.


The fact is that for each of the liquid cargoes, even of the same type, separate, specially modified tanks are required. For example, crude oil and gasoline, or other products of oil refining, cannot be transported in the same tank. Not to mention milk, or, let say, live fish, since transportation of this cargo is carried out very in tanks.


The fleet of our company allows to transport: oil and its products, liquids of the food industry (molasses, oils, alcohol), chemicals. For this purpose we use tankers, “thermos” tankers, as well as tankers with autonomous heating, tank containers, or disposable containers (size and design are determined by the customer’s requirements). Each tank undergoes thorough cleaning after each order, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates of washing and disinfection. We guarantee safety of the liquid cargo properties during and after delivery. We comply with technologies and requirements that are common in Ukraine and abroad.

For our customers we can provide transportation of bulk and liquid cargoes which includes:

  • development of a convenient and safe transportation route;
  • transportation with the ability to track movement of the cargo;
  • assistance to the customer in selection of the bulk cargo transportation method;
  • ukrainian and international express delivery of bulk cargo;
  • selection of areas for storage of bulk cargo;
  • assistance in obtaining all necessary permits, processing documentation for liquid cargo, as well as assistance in conducting customs clearance;
  • provision of a full cycle of cargo delivery: from loading of liquid cargo to its unloading;
  • delivery of liquids that require a special temperature regime;
  • assistance in processing insurance for storage and transportation of bulk cargo.

To file an application your need to specify just four things – type of transported liquid, point of departure and point of destination, specific weight of the cargo and its hazard class, the rest is our concern. We will develop the best route and prepare the required documentation as soon as possible. We understand how valuable the cargo is, so we perform gentle loading and unloading. There is a system of discounts for transportation for our loyal and potential customers.